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Flip Video

$119.00 Released May, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Cheap video camera (512 MB: $119, 1GB: $149). Small, lightweight (4.1" x 2.3" x 1.3", 4.8 oz.). Very simple to use. Minimalist design.

The Cons:Poor video quality (mobile phone < Flip Video < MiniDv). USB may be awkward to connect to your computer.

Pure Digital has rebranded their Pure Digital PSV-351 as the Flip Video. It is a no-fuss, portable camcorder that uses a minimalist approach to recording video. Pure Digital claims that its so simple, even a child can use it.

Product Shot 2 The Flip Video records video with a push of a button to its internal flash memory. The video can be transferred to your PC or Mac with its flip-out USB connector or connected to your TV (or other video equipment) with the included video cable. It is available in two capacities: a 512 MB version that records up to 30 min. of video for $119, and a 1 GB version recording up to 60 min. of video for $149.

The video quality of the Flip Video falls somewhere between a mobile phone video and a low-end MiniDV camcorder (~$250). It records video in a compressed AVI format at 30 fps, and includes a 2X digital zoom feature. However, when using the digital zoom, you should expect a serious drop in image quality. The Flip Video includes a 1.4" LCD screen thats used as a viewfinder and for reviewing recorded video. It also includes software making it easy to email, or upload your videos to the Internet (ie. YouTube).

dimensions: 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches; weight: 4.8 ounces

The Flip Video should be considered if you are looking for a very easy-to-use, very cheap, every day camcorder, and you don't place a high priority on video quality. If you do, you may want to consider higher-quality, more expensive alternatives.

Pure Digital Technologies, Inc. is a San Francisco, CA based company specializing in one-time-use video and digital cameras. They have partnered with retailers like CVS pharmacy, having them support their Pure Digital imaging platform for in-store 1-hour photo and video processing services.

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    Cheap video camera (512 MB: $119, 1GB: $149)

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    Small, lightweight (4.1" x 2.3" x 1.3", 4.8 oz.)

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    Very simple to use. Minimalist design

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    Seemlessly and simply upload videos to YouTube

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    Poor video quality (mobile phone < Flip Video < MiniDv)

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    USB may be awkward to connect to your computer

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jblum315: #flip_video The video quality is OK. I love its portability. My problems are:
1. The red record button is so small that I can't activate it with my finger. I have to use a pen to push the button.
2. You cannot see the screen in daylight. Not at all. So you're basically shooting blind. Sep 20, 08
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flip: #flip_video Very disappointed. You can not drag and drop video from this camcorder to your PC, you must use thier software to convert it, which takes a very long time. I am disapponted, the simplicity is an illusion, this was almost a great product. Jul 4, 08
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LaughtasticX: #flip_video But just what is the video quality. I've got a videocamera installed as part of my laptop (Acer Orbicam) but I'd like something better. Will this do the trick or do I need to save my pennies for something better? Aug 9, 07
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shanandsim: #flip_video The real interesting thing about this product which has not been mentioned is the built-in software that lets you email and upload to YouTube seemlessly. It's not just a small, convenient camcorder, it's a video sharing tool. I love mine. May 10, 07
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Erik: #flip_video I'm not really sure about this product. To me, I think you could either use the video capabilities of your digital camera, or pay a little more and get something good. However, the Flip Video perhaps has the same minimalist, affordable benefits of the Zen Stone. May 4, 07
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Erik: #flip_video You can pick up the previous model (the PSV-351) on target.com for a sale price of $89.99 ($40 off). [link] May 4, 07
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