$600.00 Released August, 2010

Product Shot 1The 5D7V is a three-dimensional video camcorder and separate three-dimensional media player package from DXG USA. Intended to compete with other consumer-grade 3D cameras such as the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1 and the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, this product aims to provide a pocket-sized camera that is more affordable to the average consumer.

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Set to release on August 6th, 2010, the 5D7V camcorder comprises 2 three-megapixel lenses that simultaneously record 640x480 resolution video to Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format files, interlaced upon completion. Both the camera and media player are fitted with parallax barrier TFT LCD screens, allowing users to view 3D content without the use of customized eyewear. Five-megapixel still-life 3D images can also be taken, and all content is transferable to the media player via SD card up to 16-gigabytes. HDMI and AV/USB interface cables are included for content output to 3D televisions and other 3D media players, while DXG conversion software allows users to convert 2D content into three dimensions. In addition, the 5D7V features a standard two-dimensional video and still-image mode with a 4x digital zoom function. 


  • 3D camcorder and media player bundle
  • Glasses-free parallax barrier LCD screens
  • 3.2-inch camcorder display
  • 7-inch media player display
  • Twin 3MP video lenses
  • 5MP still image capability
  • 640x480 resolution AVI-format video
  • 2D video and still picture capability
  • SD card support up to 16GB
  • Pistol-style, pocket-sized camera
  • 4x digital zoom in 2D mode
  • Includes 3D video conversion software

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